So what are the benefits?

  • You get smooth and silky hair frizz-free

  • You will not need to iron or blow dry it as much anymore

Is there anything I should be aware of this process?

You should let us know if you have previously used any chemicals, colours or bleach on your hair. 

If you aren’t sure what type of chemicals were previously used on your hair, we may perform a strand test to check. Informing us of your history of hair colouring is very important. Tell us if you colour was applied at home or at a salon. Give as much details of your hair condition and treatment as you can! We will find you the most suitable restoration treatment for your specific type of hair. We recommend the Japanese Permanent Treatment for more healthier type of hair. If your hair is really damaged we will recommend you the Japanese SEMI-Permanent Treatment. Either way, we guarantee to fix your damaged dry hair and you will get restored revitalised smooth healthy hair!

After Care