Japanese Permanent Treatment 

The shampooing process

The actual straightening process itself always begins with a shampooing of the hair, followed by a condition treatment. 

Solution application

The solution will be applied to your hair immediately after the shampooing, and will be given time to work its way into your hair. To make sure the hair is ready to continue with the process, a strand test will be performed.

The ironing process

Following the shampooing process, we then move onto the ironing process. The hair will be rinsed off, and then a conditioner and also heat protector will be applied to the hair to keep it safe during the ironing, and then it will be finally be ironed at very precise temperatures.

The neutraliser process

Once we’ve conducted the ironing process, we can move onto adding the neutraliser to your hair. The neutraliser is applied to your hair, and then consequently left on to stabilise the balance of the pH (acids and alkalis) within your hair, as so to prevent any possible damages.

The blow drying phase

Once the neutraliser has been applied to your hair, we’ll be doing the final parts of the process. More conditioner and heat protector will be applied to your locks, which is then followed immediately after by a final blow drying session.

The benefits