Japanese Permanent Hair Treatment – best way to permanently straighten/smoothen/repair your hair. The Permanent Treatment was created in Japan in the 1990’s. The official term for the process is also known as “thermal reconditioning” and “rebonding”. It’s been labelled as such because it uses specially designed flat irons that heat the hair to the precise temperature required to work in tandem with the hair repair solution. Damaged hair have cuticles which are torn and there is a loss of protein in the hair. It can make damaged, frizzy, coarse, messy or curly hair back into healthy smooth and silky hair. This is achieved by simply treating the hair with revitalising nutrients that help to restore the protein, keratin, collagen bonds in hair, which are naturally present in the hair.

If a you want to choose Permanent Japanese Hair Straightening, you can choose the level of your hair straightening – it can be either ‘pin straight’ or more natural look. In any way you will achieve more healthy restored revitalised frizz free hair with long lasting results.

Semi-Permanent Japanese Hair Treatment is for hair which have been coloured or chemically treated too much. This treatment is meant to smooth away the fizz and improve hair texture. The Treatment consists of natural ingredients:

  1. Silk
  2. Soy
  3. Wheat
  4. Meadowfoam

The Semi-Permanent Japanese Treatment is gentle and natural:

  1. NO formaldehyde, NO formalin
  2. Pleasant smell. No harmful fumes, which means no nausea, no burning eyes
  3. Suitable for ALL hair types
  4. Results last 3 months

The hair will become more manageable. The wavy patterns of the hair will become looser and smoother. The semi-permanent treatment has to be repeated every 3 months, but overtime the hair will become progressively frizz free.

How it Works