Prevent hair loss by trying the following methods:

  1. Eat well

Hair needs protein, zinc, vitamin B 12 and iron. You can get those by eating fish, beans, lean meat, nuts and greens

2. Monoxidil Treatment for Hair

Minoxidil is a medical drug that cam increase the size of hair follicles and make bigger hair strands.


3. Massage hair while washing to improve blood flow in your scalp

4. Style your hair less using ironing and blow drying.

Excessive application of heat on hair makes it damaged, dry and easy to break.

If you still prefer your hair to be straight but want to avoid using iron every day – Japanese Hair Straightening procedure is the best. It will make your hair silky straight and frizz-free permanently. Book your procedure here.

5. Relax and relieve stress

Stress affects hair growth significantly. Try meditation and relaxing breathing techniques.